Intensive Range

Each product contains specific active ingredients, including vitamin C, colstrum, alpha lipoic acid.

Intensive Range

This range is formulatd to complement the AVST TM and Ionzyme® ranges. Each product contains specific active  ingredients, including vitamin C, colstrum, alpha lipoic acid and retinal in high concentration to offer the user maximum skin-rejuvenation and benefits for specific problem areas.

  • Anti-Oxidant Gel
  • Colostrum Gel
  • Alpha Toner Forte
  • Alpha Hydroxy Cream
  • Alpha Hydroxy Gel
  • Hair & Scalp Tonic
  • Super Moisturiser
  • Hydrated Oil Capsules
  • Retinol 1, 2 & 3

This product is provided by The Beauty Centre, Ealing Broadway Beauty Salon.

We stock the entire range for retail and offer a 5% discount on two or more products purchased together.