Why is It Important to Replace a Missing Tooth?

patient getting treatment for missing teeth

Having a missing tooth is not a fun experience

People who have a missing tooth or multiple teeth may feel uncomfortable with how they look, especially when they smile and it is visible that they have some lost teeth.

Even having one or more gaps in your teeth can be bad for someone’s oral health.

It is important to replace a missing tooth for many reasons, and it is advised to replace any missing teeth at the earliest chance.

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Protects the rest of your teeth

People who have a missing tooth are also likely to experience some damage to the neighbouring teeth.

Having a missing tooth can cause the other nearby teeth to drift and result in possible damage that may not be able to be fixed.

Not fixing a missing tooth can damage the rest of someone’s natural teeth and impact the appearance of their teeth.

Instead of worrying about high pricing and low-quality dental services, Dorset Dental can provide treatment for missing teeth and have their customers happy about their smile restored.

Improves your oral health

By fixing any missing tooth it can improve your oral health in multiple ways:

  • Healthier jaw
  • Stronger teeth
  • Normal eating

Getting your missing tooth fixed can also help fix issues you may have with poor breath. See more.

Those who experience poor oral hygiene also have experienced losing a tooth and delayed getting it fixed.

Instead of ignoring the issue, replace your missing tooth and notice a change in your oral health.

Makes you feel comfortable in your appearance

People who have a missing tooth are likely to experience low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trouble concentrating and remembering things.

Having a missing tooth doesn’t only affect your oral health, it can also affect your mental health.

Those who experience issues with their physical appearance may feel even more sensitive about having a missing tooth.

You do not have to feel insecure about your appearance with implants that can fix any missing tooth that a person has.

Fixing a missing tooth can also make someone feel more confident than they were before. Getting a new smile can also give you a nice, positive attitude.


Why You Should Never Ignore Tooth Pain

It might be nothing, or it could be a serious problem

Some people might think tooth pain could be better or worse than it actually is.

Sometimes it could just be a small, harmless pain that can go away on its own.

Other times it could be a sign of something serious – like gum disease or gingivitis.

Regardless of the type of pain you feel, you must get it checked out if the pain is something more serious.

Common reasons for tooth pain

Tooth pain can be something small.

There are common factors behind having a sore tooth, and they are often harmless.

  1. Sensitive teeth
  2. Eating harder food
  3. Drinking cold refreshments
  4. Grinding teeth

It is also important to visit an emergency dentist in severe cases – here is one located in London. However, some severe issues and diseases are linked to experiencing toothache.

  • Severely damaged teeth/Wisdom teeth. Get help.
  • Damaged nerves.
  • Heart issues.
  • Gum disease. More.
  • Oral cancer.
  • Issues with sinuses.
  • Problems with jaws.

Is it worth ignoring any small pains?

While it is possible you may not have any of these diseases or issues, it is important to have a check-up if the tooth pain is frequent.

Sometimes the tooth pain might go away on its own, but it also might not.

It’s important to talk to your doctor about it so any potential problem can be fixed right away.

Dealing with patients that are experiencing throbbing tooth pain is something that Gentle Dental are experienced in. See their emergency services.

Aside from dealing with regular dental services, they provide treatment for people who are experiencing severe toothache and urgently require treatment.

You don’t need to deal with extreme toothache and pain.

The best thing to do is go to an experienced dentist that can access the severity of your toothache.

The best time to see a dentist

If the pain is frequently getting worse or staying the same, the best thing to do is go to a dentist.

Many people experiencing toothache go to the dentist when:

  • The pain has been there for over 48 hours
  • There is pain after taking medication
  • They have a high temperature
  • Their breath is bad
  • They have a swollen cheek or jaw
  • There is pain when they eat
  • They have swollen or red gums


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